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Pulse Blog - New Features

New Timesheet Status Report for Parent Projects

Introducing a new Specialised version of the Timesheet Status Report for "Parent Projects"! This report is designed to help make the process of Closing Projects that have "Child-Projects" easier. Timesheet Status Report - Parent" report is available on all "Parent Projects" and will include unprocessed time on all Child Projects.

You can now Log Your Time on Tasks!

Introducing a new feature that lets you log Time directly on Tasks! Every time you Assign or route a Task, Comment or Reply on a Task you now have the opportunity to log the time you spent on that Task using the Manage Notifications & Assignments modal. Time logged this…

Wiki Pages – Major Upgrades

We are excited to announce a Major Update to the Pulse Wiki Page features. These enhancements are focused on making the Wiki Pages easier to use and providing new features for organising and Sharing your content. The key features of the Enhanced Pulse Wiki are: New Inline Text Editor, Page Ordering tool, sub-Pages and Share Page via Email

Pulse Planner: ‘Convert to Real Project’

The Pulse Planner now includes the option to convert a “Planned” Project to a “Real” Project with a single click! The Pulse Planner is an interactive tool which allows you to add multiple projects on an interactive schedule timeline for the purposes of planning and visualising Project Timings. The ability to add ‘Planned Projects‘ to…

How to approve your own time on Projects you manage

Recent changes to the rules around whether Project Owners can Approve their own time We recently introduced a feature that allows you to control whether a Project Owner can approve their own time on Projects they manage. Project Owners usually approve everyone’s time on their own projects, including their own…

Introducing The Pulse Planner

The new "Pulse Planner" is LIVE and ready for you to try. This is an interactive planning tool that allows you to add multiple projects to a schedule - and then use the drag-and-drop tools to visualise, adjust & share your plan.

Introducing Follow Tasks

Do you use Tasks in Pulse? Have you ever wanted to 'Follow' a Task to track its progress, but not be the assigned 'owner' of the Task?You can now manage "Task Followers" for a Task in the Notifications window.