About Pulse

Great Features, Great Support, Great Team

We provide business the features, structure and support required to get working smarter, faster.

Pulse Collaboration Systems (“Pulse“) started as a small Online Project Management system, focussed on the needs of the advertising and marketing industries in Australia & UK.

In 2015, Pulse was acquired by the Havas / Vivendi group.

Since 2015, Pulse has experienced remarkable growth, in terms of User Numbers, Product Development, Staff Growth and Capability.

We have gone from having only a small office in Melbourne, to having people and capability in London, New York, Paris, Prague, Ho-Chi-Minh & Jakarta.

Our system now includes full financial and resource management tools, and can be integrated with multiple back-end finance & ERP systems.

Our team now includes consultants, trainers, analysts, developers, designers, helpdesk and accountants.

Our customers now includes Government, NGO, Telco’s, Pharmaceutical, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Marketing and Manufacturing.

We have clients in USA, UK, EU, Russia, Brazil, China, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Germany, France, Brussels, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, India, Australia and more.

We don’t just provide software – we provide capability and solutions to get businesses working smarter, faster.