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Pulse Blog - Archive Sep 2021

Pulse Planner: ‘Convert to Real Project’

The Pulse Planner now includes the option to convert a “Planned” Project to a “Real” Project with a single click! The Pulse Planner is an interactive tool which allows you to add multiple projects on an interactive schedule timeline for the purposes of planning and visualising Project Timings. The ability to add ‘Planned Projects‘ to…

Release Notes – RC21.0917

This release contained more fixes and fewer features and enhancements than usual, with many usability tweaks to the interface of the Planner. This is because of all the work going on behind the scenes - as the team puts the finishing touches on a whole host of new features such as the new Gantt view, Timesheet Amendments feature, the new Resource Planner, and Supplier Invoices.

How to approve your own time on Projects you manage

Recent changes to the rules around whether Project Owners can Approve their own time We recently introduced a feature that allows you to control whether a Project Owner can approve their own time on Projects they manage. Project Owners usually approve everyone’s time on their own projects, including their own…

Release Notes – RC21.0903

This release included many new features, enhancements, and fixes. Features and enhancements include the ability to convert Planned Projects to Real Projects in the Pulse Planner, automatically populate Task descriptions from information provided in a Job Builder form and the ability to view linked Task(s) in the new Asset Detail pop-over.

Release Notes – RC21.0820

In this release we revised the rules around Project Owners approving their own time, enhanced the ‘Project Status’ Filter in the Portal Page Widgets, and made visible parent child relationships between jobs on the Project Dashboard.