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Hands-On Setup & Support

Pulse is different to other Project Management Systems in that we provide a ‘Hands Onapproach to Setup, User On-Boarding and Support.

We believe that buying software is only half the battle when it comes to successful Project Management & Collaboration. The real challenge is the Setup of the Project Management System and the Rollout to your Users.

Working with Pulse, we support every customer with the Initial Setup and Configuration of the system. Then we will help you with On-boarding Users and Ongoing Support.

To deliver this high-level of Support we have created a Global Support Ecosystem based on our award-winning Pulse Customer Success Team, Pulse Champions Programme, Pulse Helpdesk, Pulse Academy (e-Learning) and Real-Time AI Chatbot.

Pulse Champions

Pulse Champions

The Pulse Champions Program is a network of power users that we empower to provide leadership, training and support for Pulse directly within their own office.

If you have any Pulse questions, or would like some one-on-one help with Pulse, your best option may be to contact your Pulse Champion in your office.

(If your office does not have a Pulse Champion – contact the Pulse Helpdesk to ask about how to join the Pulse Champion Program).

Pulse Chatbot

The Pulse Chatbot is available 24/7 via the Pulse application and provides you with real-time answers with no delay.

The Pulse Chatbot loads on every page of the system and can give you contextual help text based on the feature or tool you are using.

Or you can ask the Chatbot any question about Pulse, and it will direct you to a relevant Support or Training Article.

If the Pulse Chatbot does not have the answers you need, it will then help you raise a Support Ticket to the Pulse Helpdesk.

Pulse Helpdesk

The Pulse Helpdesk is our award-winning Global Team which provides 24/7 support for our users.

You can raise a Support Ticket to the Pulse Helpdesk via the Pulse Chatbot or the Support form directly within your Pulse application.

When you raise a Support Ticket, the Helpdesk will respond directly via the Helpdesk Ticket to resolve your issue.

Pulse Academy e-Learning
Pulse Academy e-Learning

Pulse Academy

The Pulse Academy is our new Online eLearning Platform.

Any Pulse User or Stakeholder can use the Pulse Academy to learn more about Pulse.

The learning modules start with basics and then go on to explain how to get the most out of Pulse for your Role and your Business.

The Pulse Academy is an integral part of how we help you set up and On-Board your teams onto the Pulse system, and provide continuous improvement.

Learn more about our approach to Training & Learning for your Business.

OR, visit the Pulse Academy directly.