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Pulse Blog - Archive Dec 2023

Release Notes – RC23.1201

1. ALL REGIONS  FEATURES  ENHANCEMENTS  [#64399] ORDER CAMPAIGNS ALPHABETICALLY IN JOB BUILDERS  Change in the ‘Campaign’ ordering in the Job Builders Forms. We now sort the list of campaigns alphabetically.  [#60667] ADD NEW USE CASES TO ‘WHY CAN’T I FIND MY PROJECT’  In this release, improvements have been made to…

Release Notes – RC23.1117

1. ALL REGIONS   FEATURES  [#57356] FE: SHOW HISTORY IN THE USER SETTINGS  This proof of concept exclusively showcases updates originating from Agresso. Its purpose is to assist our support and operations teams in identifying and tracking changes made in TalentSpace or Agresso that have subsequently updated the user’s information in…