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Release Notes – RC23.0512



[#61266] Update the ‘Notify Reviewers’ option to show all users on the Project Team

[#61289] FE: Allow a Reviewer who is  “Review Author” to be removed from all Stages of a Review Round

[#59960] Enhancement: Add a rollover displaying the Stage decision rule in the Review Detail

[#61129] FE: Update empty state of Review Grid – Homepage widget

[#61206] BUG: Displaying records don’t recognize filter when turn to next page   

[#61130] FE: Update empty state of Review Grid – Project widget

[#61132] FE: Update empty state of Review Grid – Review tabs

[#61209] BUG: Round Instruction will delete any description over 191 words without warning

[#61453] BUG: Unable to add a user on the project team to a review stage

[#58878] Update ‘Review Type’ field in the Pulse Email Notification


[#61609] UI: Missing Ellipsis dropdown

[#61610] Quick Link when applying preset ‘Pending Approval’

[#61570] Local Admin user Multi Office Mapping see any project in the ‘All Project’ tab

[#61358] Design Update – Job List

[#61207] Time in stage settings

[#61317] BUG: Switch between Project View and others keeps users restricted

[#61208] BUG: Pagination number remains unchange when add a filter

[#61346] FIX: Update project dropdown only show “Active” project

[#61393] Add AUD currency to the Billing Status Report

[#59903] 2. BUG: Missing Page numbers

[#59905] 3. BUG: Output settings don’t work as expected

[#60671] FIX: Move the remove button on filters

[#61223] Asset titles showing in full once asset search has been done

[#61420] BUG: Deleting the Timesheet Note doesn’t delete the 0 hours

[#61286] BE: Update the validation on creating/updating review to allow Review Author can be removed from stages

[#61577] Network Superuser can’t see any Projects in New Project List

[#59188] Update Filter Flyout for Reviews

[#60245] Users displaying in the Edit Template settings modal

2. NORTH AMERICA (US Instance)


[#60974] HPS Order Form – Add ‘Estimate’ as a request option for all departments in the job builder request form


[#61745] Assign default alien user on profile


[#61592] Improvement to TS AGR Submission Exception handling.

[#61299] Agresso Sync Page loading

[#61468] FIX SendEmail exception

[#61597] Add Branch sync

[#61734] Update: Address Book

[#61150] Upgrade grid