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Pulse Blog - Release Notes

Release Notes – RC21.0903

This release included many new features, enhancements, and fixes. Features and enhancements include the ability to convert Planned Projects to Real Projects in the Pulse Planner, automatically populate Task descriptions from information provided in a Job Builder form and the ability to view linked Task(s) in the new Asset Detail pop-over.

Release Notes – RC21.0820

In this release we revised the rules around Project Owners approving their own time, enhanced the ‘Project Status’ Filter in the Portal Page Widgets, and made visible parent child relationships between jobs on the Project Dashboard.

Release Notes – RC21.0806

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS [#44911] Report Widgets – Improve Filter Logic We have made some interface changes to the KPI and Bar & Pie Reporting widgets to improve their usability. 1. On the configuration page we now only show the ‘Field filter’ and ‘Field Value’ once you select the button ‘Add…

Release Notes – RC21.0625

This release includes a redeveloped “Assign Tasks” model that allows you to select which users should Follow Tasks, improvements to the Project Dashboard, the ability to enforce Maximum weekly hour limits for users - as well as a large number of bug fixes and improvements.

Release Notes – RC21.0611

NEW FEATURES Introducing Pulse ‘Rate Cards’. Introducing the new Pulse ‘Rate Cards’ feature. The concept of “Rate Cards” is now available for offices who use Pulse’s native stand-alone Financial Management Features. READ MORE: Introducing Pulse Rate Cards ENHANCEMENTS [#49977] Add a new “Client” badge to a…

Release Notes – RC21.0528

FEATURES [#49527] Automatic Project Naming Conventions for your Office This new feature will allow agencies to setup an automatic naming convention for their projects when using the Project Wizard. In this first release of this feature there are only 6 fields to choose from. Setting up the naming convention…

Release Notes- RC21.0514

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Introducing the “Pulse Planner” Introducing our new “Pulse Planner” feature: an interactive tool that allows you to visualise and adjust the timings of multiple ‘real’ and ‘planned’ Projects on a Schedule timeline or “Plan”. It includes many powerful features to view and filter your Projects by Office, Job…

Release Notes – RC21.0430

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Make the ‘Welcome’ Widget appear on all Users Home Dashboards We are setting the ‘Welcome Widget’ as the default view for all users. This view includes a “Pulse Support” button and will provide a wider reach to Release Notes and the Support Hub! Screenshot of the…