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Pulse Blog - Archive Apr 2024

Release Notes – RC24.0405

RELEASE NOTES  1. ALL REGIONS   FEATURES  [1493] BULK AMENDMENT ENHANCEMENTS  We have enhanced the Bulk Amendments feature to provide more flexibility and control over amendment processes.  Key Enhancements:  Reprocess Failed Amendments: Users can now reprocess amendments that have failed. Handling Amendments with Warnings: Amendments that have failed due to warnings can…

Release Notes – RC24.0315

RELEASE NOTES  1. ALL REGIONS   FEATURES  [#65380] BR: CALCULATE % COMPLETE BASED ON DURATION OF EACH ITEM IN PROGRESS  We have updated the way we calculate “% Progress”  (Task/Item progress for parent items) to be based on the weight of each task based on the task duration. [#65307] BR: IN…