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Introducing Follow Tasks

Do you use Tasks in Pulse? Have you ever wanted to 'Follow' a Task to track its progress, but not be the assigned 'owner' of the Task?You can now manage "Task Followers" for a Task in the Notifications window.

Release Notes – RC21.0625

This release includes a redeveloped “Assign Tasks” model that allows you to select which users should Follow Tasks, improvements to the Project Dashboard, the ability to enforce Maximum weekly hour limits for users - as well as a large number of bug fixes and improvements.

Release Notes – RC21.0611

NEW FEATURES Introducing Pulse ‘Rate Cards’. Introducing the new Pulse ‘Rate Cards’ feature. The concept of “Rate Cards” is now available for offices who use Pulse’s native stand-alone Financial Management Features. READ MORE: Introducing Pulse Rate Cards ENHANCEMENTS [#49977] Add a new “Client” badge to a…

Release Notes – RC21.0528

FEATURES [#49527] Automatic Project Naming Conventions for your Office This new feature will allow agencies to setup an automatic naming convention for their projects when using the Project Wizard. In this first release of this feature there are only 6 fields to choose from. Setting up the naming convention…