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Changing Pulse-Agresso values with Project Amendments


  • When Pulse is used with Agresso, Projects share some attributes with Agresso (eg Project Name) and have some have additional attributes that are required by Agresso (eg. Branch).
  • When creating an Agresso Project the values are first set in the Pulse Project and then in the newly created Agresso Project.
  • After a project is created, if you need to change one of these shared values, you need to lodge a Project Amendment Request.
  • This article will identify the values which are shared between Pulse and Agresso, and describe the different types of Project Amendment Request.
  • Depending on your Office and instance of Agresso you may not see the all the different Amendment Types available to select. 

How to create a Project Amendment Request

1. Go to The Project Amendments Page

To find the Project Amendments page hover over the Summary Actions button:

Project Summary Page highlighting the “Summary Actions” drop-down

Then click “Project Amendments”.

Project Summary Page highlighting the “Project Amendments” link in the “Summary Actions” drop-down

This will take you to the Project Amendments page.

2. Click the “Create New Request” Button

The “Project Amendments” screen highlighting the “Create New Request” button

3. Select the type of Project Amendment Request you Require

There are many different types of Amendment request that may be used to modify values shared between Pulse and Agresso. The kinds of Amendment Request you see in the drop-down list will depend on your Office setup and instance of Agresso.

The “Create New Request” modal highlighting the “Type” select list
The “Create New Request” modal highlighting some commonly available Amendment types in the “Type” select list

For explanations of how to lodge some common types Amendment Requests please read the following articles:

Viewing previous Project Amendment Requests

A history of previous Project Amendment Requests is shown on this page.

The “Project Amendments” screen highlighting the “Previous Project Amendment Requests” highlighting the “Show Details” button

You can click the “Show Details” button to see the details of previous Amendment Requests.

The Project Amendments screen highlighting the details of a previous Project Amendment Request

Which values are shared between Pulse and Agresso?

When creating a new project with the Project Wizard, the “Project Title” and the values entered on the “Agresso” step of the Wizard are sent to Agresso when the Project is created.

Screenshot of the “Agresso” step of the Project Wizard

As the values listed below are stored in both Agresso and Pulse and Ammendment Request is required to change the values on both systems.

Amendment TypeValue
Project TitleProject Title
Project DetailsAgresso Contract Client
Agresso Project Owner
Agresso Account Manager
Job Finance Type
Billing Currency
Exchange Rate Type
Invoice Rule / Price List
Project StatusProject Status
Timesheet Status
Project DatesTimesheet Entry Start Date
Project Start Date
Project End Date
Amendment TypeValue
Invoice InformationPayment Terms
Tax Code
Tax System
Master JobMaster Job
Master Job BudgetFee Budget
OOP Budget
Project RelationsJob Year
Billing Address Attribute
Estimate Funds Check Level
Job Category
Job Sub Category
Master Client
Work Category
Line of Business
Pulse Office
Admin Job (Y/N)
Job Air Date
Legal Entity
Pulse Airing Country
Master Client (Interim)
Master Brand (Interim)
Master Product (Interim)
Fee Classification
Automatic billable project
Brief Country
Type of Work
Account Administrator
Product Group
Project Practice Group


Updated on September 14, 2020

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