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How to Customise Project Tabs

The ‘Project Tabs‘ navigation shows the features enabled for each project.

Each project can have different features enabled, depending on the needs of the Project Manager and the Project Team. Thus the Tabs shown in the project will be indicative of the features enabled for that project.

The Tabs enabled for a Project will typically be managed by the Project Manager, or via a Project Template used to create the project.

Steps to manage Project Tabs:

You must have ‘Project Manager’ permissions to edit the Project Tabs on a project.

1. Open the ‘Project Actions’ drop-down button

2. Select ‘Edit Project Settings’

3. Select ‘Advanced Settings’

3. Use the radio buttons to choose the features you want to enable/disable

4. Click ‘Update Details’

Note: When you disable a Project Tab, the data related to the feature is not affected. At any time you can re-enable the Project Tab, and the underlying data and content will be restored.

Updated on January 6, 2021

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