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How to Customise the Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard uses customisable Widgets to display a summary of information for the project. The Widgets shown can be controlled by the Project Manager or the Project Template used to create the project.

Custom Widgets

The Project Dashboard is similar to the Homepage Dashboard, as it is constructed using customisable ‘Widgets‘.

However – the Project Dashboard is different to the Homepage Dashboard in that the data shown in each widget comes only from the Project where the Dashboard is shown. (In contrast, The Homepage Dashboard draws data from across all of Pulse.)

The Widgets shown on the Project Dashboard can be configured by the Project Manager for each project – or they can be set at the ‘Project Template‘ level, so you can create different ‘Project Dashboards‘ that best match the workflow defined in your Project Template.

To edit the Widgets on the Project Dashboard, click on the ‘Customise Dashboard‘ button in the ProjectActionsbutton.

Updated on January 6, 2021

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