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How to add a project to favourites? How to remove it?

You can add a project to your “Favourite Projects”. This will make the project accessible under the Project Favourites submenu under Projects in the Main Nav.

Screenshot of the Favourite Projects submenu in the Main Nav with a single project added as a favourite

1. Locate the Project that you want to add

Screenshot of the Projects page/JobList highlighting the searchbox that allows you to search Projects by Project Name or Job Number

2. Click the “star” icon next to the Project Name

The star icon is located to the left of the Project Name on any of the pages within that project.

Screenshot of the Projects Dashboard highlighting the “star” icon that allows you to add the project to favourites

Clicking the star icon will fill the star icon’s background with yellow and provide you with a green notification “Project added to favourites“.

To remove a Project simply click the star icon again. This will remove the yellow background and you will see a notification that says “Project removed from favourites“.


Updated on July 21, 2020

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