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How to map Brands to an Office

The article below describes the relationship between Brands and Offices and how to update this mapping in the Pulse Address Book.

Introduction: ‘Brand Mapping’

Pulse uses a security model based on Brands (aka ‘Products‘) to control who can access Projects and Assets in the system.

To make a Brand (aka ‘Product‘) available to users in an Office you must either map the required Brand to the user’s Office, or you can map the Brand directly to a Specific User (If you need more specific control on who needs access to the Brand. EG: for a ‘Global Brand Director‘)

Brand and Office Relationship

  • Each Office (aka “Agency”) in Pulse is mapped to a number of different Brand (aka “Product“)
  • In turn, each Brand belongs to a Brand Category ( aka ‘Client Group‘)
  • Mapping a Brand to an Office makes that Brand available when a User from that Office creates Projects in the Job Wizard
  • Also, you can map a Brand to a specific User, if you need to grant access to the Brand for only that user – and not the whole Office.
Diagram explaining Brand Mapping for Users and Offices

Mapping Brand to Office – Step by Step

Note: The solution steps in this article requires the User Permission of Manage Brands. Typically this permission would be provided only to Operations Users in Pulse.

If you need to update a Brand Mapping to an Office – but you don’t have the ‘Manage BrandsPermission – you can contact an Operations User in your office to do this – or raise a support ticket with the Pulse Helpdesk to organise this.

1. Locate the Office in the Address Book

Go to ‘Address Book, and then select the ‘Offices’ tab.

Search and find the Office you want to update. Click the “pencil”icon to open the Office Details Modal and edit the details of your Office:

Screenshot of the Offices tab of the Address Book highlighting the “pencil” icon

2. Click the ‘Product mapping’ tab

With the Office details modal open, click on the “Product Mappings” tab.

Reminder: ‘Brands’ are sometimes called ‘Products’ in Pulse. The exact wording will depend on the translations configured in your office.

Screenshot of the Office Details Modal highlighting the “Product Mapping” tab

3. Select From the available Brands (aka ‘Products’)

On the Product Mapping tab you will find a list of the available Brands (aka ‘Products’) that you can map to your office.

The Brands you can see in this list will be controlled by:
– You Permission level in Pulse. (eg: Invite Only, Office Admin, Access all Offices)
– Brands mapped directly to your user account.

Screenshot of the Office “Product Mapping” tab highlighting the “Available Products” list

Clicking on a Brand (aka ‘Product’) will move it into the “Selected” column. Clicking Brands in the “selected” column will remove them and place them back in the “Available” list.

Screenshot of the Office “Product Mapping” tab highlighting the “Selected Products” list

4. Save your changes

Once you have selected the Products you wish to make available in your office, click “Save”.

Screenshot of the Office “Product Mapping” tab highlighting the “Save” button


Helpdesk Text: How to update the Clients and Customers available to your Office?

Updated on September 30, 2020

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