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How do I enable multi-office access for a user in Pulse?

Enable Multi-Office Access

Enabling Multi-Office for a user requires an Operations User who can access the Address Book.

Note: Before Multi-Office Access can be granted to a User:

  • You need approval from someone in the Finance or Operations team in the Office the user needs to access.
  • Once approval has been granted, the Pulse support team will give the user access.

How to Add Additional Offices for a User

1. Edit User’s Access Permissions tab & click “Add Company” button

Screenshot highlighting the “Add Company” button on a User’s Access Permissions tab
Screenshot highlighting the settings for an “Additional Office

2. Select the Office the user needs to Access

Screenshot highlighting the “Additional Office”  select-list

3. Select the Project Access this User needs

Screenshot highlighting the “Project Access” drop-down

4. Save your Changes

You have enabled this User Access to an Additional Office.

The Access Permissions this User receives in the Additional Office will be the same as their Primary Office.


Updated on August 20, 2020

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