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Release Notes RC23.0623


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[1807]Request a Master Client / Brand / Product

The Brand/Product Request feature allows any logged-in user with project creation permissions to request access to existing or new Brands, Products, and Master Clients. Users can access the feature by navigating to the Support Page and clicking on “Brand Access.” The key points of the release notes are as follows:

Permissions: Any logged-in user who can create projects can use the Brand/Product Request feature.

Viewing Available Brands/Products:

  • Users can search for active global master clients, brands, and products.
  • Users can see master clients, brands, and products mapped to their network.

Types of Requests: Users can make four types of requests: existing Master Client/Brand/Product, new Product under existing Brand/Master Client, new Brand/Product under existing Master Client, and new Master Client/Brand/Product.

Requesting Access to an Existing Master Client/Brand/Product:

  • Users can search for the brand, request access, and select the agency needing access.
  • A comment explaining the need for access should be added.
  • The request is submitted for review by the support team.
  • Once approved, the brand can be used in the Project Wizard, unless additional setup is required for Pulse-Agresso Finances.

Requesting a New Product under an Existing Brand/Master Client:

  • Users can request a new product by selecting the agency, master client, and brand.
  • The product name and a comment should be provided.
  • The request is submitted for review, either by the support team or the ‘Brand Champion.’
  • Once approved, the product is created and can be used in the Project Wizard, unless additional setup is required for Pulse-Agresso Finances.

Requesting a New Brand/Product under Existing Master Client:

  • Users can request a new brand/product by selecting the agency, master client, and providing names.
  • If the master client has attributes, they will be shown.
  • A comment should be added, and the request is submitted for review.
  • Once approved, the brand and product are created and can be used in the Project Wizard, unless additional setup is required for Pulse-Agresso Finances.

Requesting a New Master Client/Brand/Product:

  • Users can request a new master client/brand/product by providing names and selecting the agency.
  • A comment should be added, and the request is submitted for review.
  • Once approved, the master client, brand, and product are created and can be used in the Project Wizard, unless additional setup is required for Pulse-Agresso Finances.

Finance Defaults:

  • If the agency uses Pulse-Agresso Finances, a Brand Default Group can be set up to receive notifications and set up defaults for approved brands.
  • The email notification includes a link to the Finance Default screen for setup.

Rejected Requests:

If a request is rejected, users need to submit another request.



[#60015] Export: Master Client / Brand / Product Export

Created an Excel export feature for the Brands API project. This export functionality will be accessible through an “Export” button on the Product Page. The export will adhere to the Brand-level permissions, meaning that only the Brands visible to the user will be included in the export.

The export will include all meta-data including Unique Codes (Agresso Codes), Status and Attributes.

[#62328] Update the ‘HAVAS’ logo on Pulse Login screen

Update the Havas Logo.


[#61982] Update: Sorting causes that data don’t load

Fix the bug that caused data not to load when you try to organize the data in the Project list based on finance columns or other criteria.

[#62266] Update: New Timesheet Report fails loading data with 500 error

Fix the memory issue for the new timesheet report.

[#61180] Update: Billing Client not loading on Project Widget V2

Fix the Project Widget V2 so that the Billing Client info is displayed on all jobs.

[#61582] Update: Can not see columns Billing Client, Agresso Project Owner, Profit Center in the New Project List

Fix for the bug that caused columns Billing Client, Agresso Project Owner, Profit Cente not to show in the New Project List.

[#61717] Update: Naming Convention is wiped every time you edit the office

Fix for the bug that was wiping the Naming Convention every time the office was edited.

[#59605] Update: Validation modal does not show if there is a warning on the Main Job

A bug was identified where the validation modal was not appearing when there was a warning on the Main Job. Additionally, when a job with a warning was closed by accepting the warning, the Phantom Job validation modal was not automatically displayed.

This issue has been addressed in a recent release, ensuring that the validation modal functions correctly in both scenarios. Users will now see the validation modal when a warning is present on the Main Job, and it will also automatically appear after accepting a warning and closing the job.

[#60502] Fix: Add a ‘processing’ graphic for Review Detail Preview thumbnails before the Ziflow image is available

There is a problem with the way thumbnail images are shown in the Reviews Grid and the Review Details Flyout when a new round is created for an Asset Review. Currently, a broken image (a Photoshop v10 icon) is displayed before the actual thumbnail is ready.

To fix this, we want to replace the broken image with a “Processing” image that is used when creating reviews. This will make it look better while waiting for the actual thumbnail to load. Once the thumbnail is ready, it will automatically replace the “Processing” image.

[#61872] Update: Timesheet Export Fixes

In the new Timesheet Report, Add the following columns to the Timesheet Report:

  • Pulse Project Manager
  • Agresso Contract Client
  • Product

[#61900] Update: New Project List: Creative Service not pulling data

Fix the Project List so that the Creative Service info is displayed on all jobs.

[#61908] Update: Project Status filter doesn’t work

The Project Status filter is not functioning correctly when applied in the Filter flyout and then the page is refreshed. Additionally, the Search-As-You-Type (SAYT) feature in the Status filter dropdown is not working.


We have addressed two issues related to the Project Status filter. Firstly, we have fixed the problem where the filter wouldn’t work after applying it in the Filter flyout and refreshing the page. Now, the filter will properly retain its applied status even after a page refresh.

Secondly, we have resolved the SAYT functionality in the Status filter dropdown. You will now be able to search for specific statuses dynamically as you type, making it easier to find and select the desired status for filtering projects.

[#61963] Update: Label Missing when user is pulse_user = N

In the address book landing page and in the edit modal, show the Agresso Red Status label regardless of the User’s Agresso Status.

[#62164] Update: Date format in timesheet crashes the page


When attempting to filter the timesheet report by selecting a start date and end date, the report crashes and does not display the desired results.

Technical Notes:

We have made changes to improve the functionality of the date format in our system. However, these changes have not been applied to the timesheet report, causing it to encounter errors and crash.


To resolve this issue, we needed to update the timesheet report to incorporate the recent changes made to the date format function. Once applied, you will be able to filter the timesheet report using the selected start date and end date without experiencing any crashes.

[#62170] Fix: 500 error when hitting finance profile when contract client deleted

Issue – If the contract client is deleted, but a job has it set as its contract client (and it is a phantom job), then we get a 500 error because it is trying to manipulate a model that is not there.

Solution – When the contract client is deleted, we instead want this to still load the page, and we should just have an empty contract client


[#57459] BE: Perf: Remove un-needed fields from JSON & Optimize Query

Optimise query for the resource scheduler.

[#62104] Back Sync: Dates are mapped incorrectly

Fix the back sync dates which were not mapped correctly.

[#62124] Staff Sync: Allow single resource to be processed

Allow a way for a single user to be reprocessed.

[#61979] BE: Refactor User Access logic

We are trying to check if a user is active by looking at their email and access status. Currently, we check if the email doesn’t contain the word “deleted” and also if the access status is not “deleted” or “suspended”. We want to simplify this process by only looking at one table.

To do this, we need to make some changes:

  • We will create a migration to sync the “access” field for users from the “account_user” table.
  • We will update the “user.access” field correctly when creating, updating, or deleting a user.
  • We will refactor all the current logic in version 2 that uses the access status to use the new logic.

To test if everything is working correctly:

  • Go to the URL /v2/api/users?filter[pulse_active_status]=active.
  • Check that the access field for the users is not “suspended” or “deleted”.
  • The webpage should load quickly, within 1 second for RC and 1.5 seconds for dev environments.

[#61775] Timesheet Submission Failing to Find Ledger

Issue: There is an exception occurring in the TimesheetSubmissionService code at line 177. The code is trying to access the ‘ledger’ property of an object associated with the user being processed. However, the agresso() method on the User model only returns a value if the pulse_user flag is set to ‘Y’.

Solution: modify the TimesheetSubmissionService to use the agressoUser method on the User model instead of the agresso() method at line 177. This change will ensure that the code can access the necessary data for processing timesheets, regardless of the current state of the pulse_user flag.

[#62030] FE: Adding source map back

Added the source map back to identify the bugs from production