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Release Notes – RC23.0602



[#60717] New Waiver For All Employees Working on Fitbit Business


[#59155] Update Template options to allow for Append or Replace existing Stage information

Create a new modal that is launched when a user clicks to apply a template.

The modal will provide the user with the ability to select:

  • to Append the contents of the template after any stages in the current review  round (ie. the current behaviour)
  • or Replace the contents of the review  round  with the contents of the template.

[#59157] Add ‘Job Number’ (Extension) to the Review Grid for Non-Project Contexts

Add a Job Number column to the Review Grid in non-Project contexts.


[#59188] Fix: Update Filter Flyout for Reviews

Update the filter flyout options to correctly reflect new statuses that can be applied to a round.

[#59664] Update the Timesheet Reconciliation Report

Timesheet Reconciliation Report is not showing the correct ‘Action’

[#61177] Translate ‘Discussion’ label in Task flyout

[#61320] Update: Force Override in Pulse Ratecards doesn’t work

[#61415] Update: Review Settings Modal displaying incorrect Round Label

[#61427] Fix: Review Detail Syncing Issues

Fix – When a Review Round falls back to a previous Round ensure that Round is unlocked in Ziflow.

[#61451] Update: Review Detail ID not displaying correctly

[#61491] Update: Saving crashes when updating item predecessor Or browser left open for long time

[#61554] BE: Linked Tasks – task status is missing

Currently, when a new task is added in Scheduler the status is ‘undefined’ until you Save and reload the booking form.

[#61573] Update: Also show Project Subcategory & Estimate Total

[#61577] Update: Network Superuser can’t see any Projects in New Project List

[#61582] Update: Can not see columns Billing Client, Agresso Project Owner, Profit Center in the New Project List

[#61583] Update: Agresso Project Owner is visible

[#61616] Update: Quick Search doesn’t find all active projects of a specific brand

[#61631] Update: View Review Detail button displaying incorrectly in the Files tab

[#61639] BE: Booking Form > Project List SAYT is too slow

[#61648] Update: The Export PDF / PNG modal is not displaying correctly

[#61697] Update Text for cancelling a Review to be cancelling a Round in the Review Detail

Update the text for when a Round has been cancelled to read “Round cancelled.” and update the text in in the ellipsis menu to read “Cancel round.”


[#61247] Update: Domain in Create User email is incorrect

[#61290] Feature: Removes the auto-retry from the FDQs

Payroll Fixes

  • [#60920] Freelance Overtime hours are not going to the proper row of “View Calculations”
  • [#60921] Duplicate Rows in Payroll Export (Dayforce Import) report
  • [#60922] Missing users/time on Payroll Export (DayForce Import) report
  • [#60924] Total Pay for Weekly Rate Employees is not being calculated correctly
  • [#60925] OT Premium for Daily Rate Employees is not being calculated correctly
  • [#60926] Unable to change Payroll Type or Overtime Type and have it “stick” on a user’s profile
  • [#60927] Freelance Sick – hours not showing up on Payroll Export (Dayforce Import) report
  • [#60970] Add column for Employee Type to Payroll Grid

Various fixes for the Payroll Report.