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Release Notes – RC23.0106 & RC23.0127



Disable the existing Gantt tab in preparation for new Timelines Feature launch

Timelines are Coming! We have been working on our new improved Timelines tool for the last few months and it is now deployed. In preparation for the launch of the new TImelines feature, we have disabled the existing Gantt tab.


[#58830] Timesheet Notes and 0 hours causing timesheets to fail

We are saving and submitting 0 hours on timesheets when a user has a note attached to the 0 hours.

 This was causing 3 issues:

  1. Failed timesheet processing because we attempt to send the 0 hours to Agresso
  2. Users would see the warning that they have not submitted the day but when they go to the day they can’t see what is wrong
  3. Users have 0 hours on the unsubmitted timesheet email

We have made the following changes to rectify this:

  1. Changed all pencil icons to comment icons on the timesheet page
  2. If a comment has been left, the comment icon now becomes a solid comment icon
  3. Clicking on the comment icon or solid comment icon triggers the Timesheet Comment Modal
  4. Users are not allowed to submit 0 hours with a timesheet comment. If this happens a flashcard will appear saying, ‘You have a timesheet note saved on a date with 0 hours allocated. Please add hours to this day or remove the note before submitting the timesheets.’


[#59500][#59500] FE: Enable ‘URL Review’ Feature

You can now create URL Reviews using the Pulse Reviews Feature.

[#59627][#59628] Create Round Switching Functionality

We have added the ability to switch “Rounds” in the Review Detail flyout to show information from previous rounds. When the Review detail opens, it will show the current Round information, but previous rounds can be accessed by clicking on the round Dop down.

Screenshot of the Review Detail Highlighting Round Switcher

If you open the Review Detail on an older Round, via a deep link – or Refresh the Review Detail after another user has created a new Round – you will receive a pop-up informing you that there is a newer Round available.

Screenshot of the New Round Available popup

[#58410] Enhancement: Add a flash notification when successfully applying a template

Users now see a notification when they have successfully applied a template.


[#59693] BE: Syncing proof’s thumbnail from Ziflow to Rounds

We now Sync a proof’s thumbnail directly from Ziflow to Pulse for rounds, instead of using asset’s Pulse thumbnail as it is now.  


[#59074] Enhancement: ‘Lock’ Previous Rounds when ‘New Round’ is created

When a ‘New Round’ is started for a Review, we now ‘Lock’ Previous Rounds by:

  • blocking access to Review Settings for the Round
  • disabling the Decision drop-down on all the Stages of the Round
  • disabling the Review Actions drop-down



[#58319] Bug: Users receive timesheet lockout email even though timesheet reminders are disabled

Fix – When you turned off the Lockout or the Timesheet Reminder in the Address Book it didn’t turn off the Timesheet Reminder  Emails (if they were enabled previously). This meant people were receiving emails when they should not be.


[#59941] Review Detail on PROD fails to load data

Fix – Intermittent issue that caused the Review Detail to fail to load data from the external Proofing Tool when changes were made to the Proof by making comments or decisions in either the Review Detail or the external Proofing tool.


[#59840] Bug: Create Brand shows as undefined

Fix – When creating a new Brand for a new Brand Category it shows an error of ‘undefined’.



2. NORTH AMERICA (US Instance)








[#59794] Bug: Invoice Rule not respecting the deleted flag in the Project Wizard

Fix – We were not respecting the deleted flag in the Project Wizard > Invoice Rules dropdown when a user selected a ‘Contact Client’ in the Project Wizard “deleted” rules could still be selected.



3. EUROPE & UK (UK & EU Instance)