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Release Notes – RC22.1216




[#58961] Enhancement: Create Deeplinking from the Review Detail

Create the ability to deep-link to the Review Detail for a review, so that every review created has a unique URL based on the review ID. This link can then be copied and shared.

eg v2/passport/{$projectID}/reviews#{$reviewID}

[#58591] Enhancement: Automate Stage naming convention (Stage 1, Stage 2, etc )

When a new stage is created, generate unique names for each stage based on its placement in the stages.

  • The first stage would automatically be called “Stage 1”
  • The Second  Stage would be called “Stage 2”
  • The Third stage would be “Stage 3” and so on…

Users are able to change these default auto-generated names.

[#58935] Enhancements: Task Attachment > Action Menu Enhancements

In the new Task Detail > Attachment > Actions menu, we have made the following changes:

  • Enhanced UI design
  • Included the ability to ‘click and copy’ the title of the File
  • Fixed the link for ‘Goto Folder’ to include the Anchor to the File


[#58620] FE: Show the Unique Code in the UI

Show the Unique Code in the UI for Brand Category, Brand & Product.

Thisis visible & editable for Superusers only, except for the Product Code which is editable to anyone with ‘ManageProduct’ = Y.

[#58732] BE: Add Brandcat info to passport/jobs endpoint

Include brandcat info on endpoint GET /api.v2.php?action=passport&type=details&jobId=#


[#59495] Bug: Review Grid in the Task Form

Fix –  When a new Review Round is created from the task form the Review Grid was cleared on the task form until the page was reloaded. 

[#59503] Spike: Investigate the memory leak issue on reviews

Investigate memory leak issues that cause the browser to crash if left open for a long period of time on a page where the Review Grid is present.

[#58960] Bug: FE – Switch UI is broken on bulk edit tasks

Fix – toggle switch broken on Task List > Bulk Edit > Manage Tags. 

[#59511] FE: Employee Start Date subtracting 1 day in the FE

Fix – EMPLOYEE START DATE was subtracting 1 day when displaying in the Address Book > User > Edit > Payroll tab.

2. NORTH AMERICA (US Instance)



[#59144] Allow for a ‘default_inv_flag’ for Children Job than Main Jobs 

The ability, at the finance profile level, to use a seperate default for default_inv_flag for when the project has a main job, and a different default value for when the project does not have a main job.


[#59621] Refresh northamericatraining

We have refreshed the training data on our North American Training instance.



3. EUROPE & UK (UK & EU Instance)






[#59134] Bug: Pulse PO doesn’t get generated

Bug – The final PO PDF when “Use Pulse PO” is enabled on the office level was not stored in the Approved POs folder, no email notification is sent.

The PDF of the final approved PO generated in Pulse is now stored in the “Finance > Approved POs” folder and the email notification is sent to the Project Manager.


 [#59452] Enable Agresso Timesheet Period Syncs in V2

Prevent the v1 crons from processing Agresso Timesheet Period syncs and all the v2 schedulers to process Agresso Timesheet Period.

[#59522] Enable new relic infrastructure agent and additional logging to CW

Reviewing our NR setup it was discovered that the infrastructure agent is not running on our production containers.

We have taken the following actions:

  • Installed the NR infrastructure agent, and ensure it’s enabled on production.
  • Added some additional logs to CW about metrics for workers
  • Added an additional check for open file descriptors and a restart of the worker once the file descriptor reaches a MAX for that process

[#59199] Fix: Update the polling on Beta

Fix – Polling on Beta used for Reviews was creating an event in the Activity History for each user every three seconds.

We have updated the solution so this no longer occurs.