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Release Notes – RC22.0722





[#56550] Bug: Task Widget loading indefinitely on Safari

Fix – The Task widget on Home Dashboard was loading indefinitely when set to “All tasks”.

We now default the Task widget to “My tasks” so that users don’ t have to go and pick this when they add the widget.

2. UK / EU




[#56915] Bug: Credit note Notification contains wrong link

Fix – Email notification triggered when Credit note is produced contained a malformed link to the Credit note finance document in Pulse. We have corrected the link

3. North America


[#56918] Payroll stuck at Processing

When using the Payroll Report User Records should move from “Processing” to “Unpaid”. However, in practice records occasionally become stuck in “processing” status for various reasons. This makes it difficult if you need to Export Unpaid records, because it cannot be done until the records stuck in “Processing”  are listed as “Unpaid.” 

Clicking the “Reset Records” button will now switch this status to “Calculating” and these records will be reprocessed within the next minute.

[#56996] [#56998]  BUGS: Miscalculation of time IN PAYROLL REPORT

Fix- Time was being miscalculated in some instances on the payroll report

[#57140] Issues with Dayforce Report

Fix – Issues with the report exported when clicking the “CREATE PAYROLL REPORT EXPORT” button in the Payroll Report.

  • Regular Employees who are OT eligible just show the ST/OT/DT rows.
  • Temporary Direct Payroll shows all time/rows.
  • There are no rows that show 0 hours.
  • If you select the filter ‘Regular Employees’ then the report only shows these users and no one else.
  • Only  OT hours for those who are eligible for OT are displayed

Developed a process that can check the FDQs for ‘stuck’ or ‘failed’ submissions and action them so that the process does not rely on user intervention.

[#57034] FDQ: Create endpoint for checking Docs in Agresso

Created a new v2 endpoint that allows the system to check if a finance document already exists in Agresso.

[#57095] FDQ: IC cleanup script

  • Failed IC jobs are automatically set for reprocessing if they fail to send to Agresso unless the project already exists in Agresso
  • Failed IC jobs that already exist in Agresso should be marked as completed

[#56153] fix: chunk the vendor build to make javascript files smaller

The current JS files are starting to grow in size due to the imports of many different files and after removing the various Bryntum chunks.

We should chunk all the vendors into 1 file and load that file across all the pages as a quick boost. The ultimate boost would be to use dynamic imports to include download required code.