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Release Notes – RC22.0701




[#56789] Allow Intercompany to be used in the Project Wizard

You can now create Jobs wit the Finance Type ‘Intercompany’ on the “Agresso Step” in the Project Wizard.

Project Wizard – highlighting the Project Finance Type field

Project Wizard – highlighting the Intercompany option

Please Note: to be able to Create Projects with the Finance Type “Intercompany” an Iintercompay Relationship must exist between the Office the Project is created and another Office.

You can set up a new Intercompany Agreement in the Address Book > Office > Inter Company tab. Any approved Agencies for which you have an existing Intercompany Agreement will be listed here.

Address Book > Office > Inter Company- highlighting the Finance Type field




[#56371] Bug – User cannot request a Project Amendment Unless they are marked as the ‘Project Manager’ or in a group

Fixed the isse that was causing the “Create New Request” button to not appear when Users with roles like Agresso Project Owner or Agresso Account Manager attempt to create a Project Amendment.

When someone was set as “Agresso Project Owner” but not as a “Pulse Project Manager”, they were losing the ability to raise amendments despite the fact that “Agresso Project Owner” is selected for new Project amendment requests.


[#56551] Add Missing time in the General report again

We have added the missing time back into the General Time Approval Page. We had removed all “approved” and “missing” timesheet records from the General Time report. Unfortunately, the General Time Approval page is the only place for non-Agresso offices to track missing time.


[#56552] Bug: PTO export counts days incorrectly

Fix – We now correctly exclude weekends and office holidays from the PTO Excel export calculation for offices that still use Pulse for PTO. The “Number of days” column in the PTO requests export was showing the date difference between the date_to and date_from but was not skipping weekends and official holidays when tallying the number of days in a Request.

When looking at the number of PTO days used by a resource in Pulse, the PTO module counts continued to show these correctly by omitting bank holidays and weekends.


2. UK / EU






[#56452] Project Wizard: Move Invoice Rule / Price List and Branch to un-toggled section of the Agresso Step ‘Havas Studios UK’

For Projects created for ‘Havas Studios UK’ in the Project Wizard, on the Agresso step we we have moved the “Invoice Rule / Price List” and “Branch” fields from the toggled “Advanced Agresso Settings” section into the main section so that these fields are always visible.

This change is only for ‘Havas Studios UK’. Havas Studios often bill other Havas Agencies but there can be many different end clients. Since we disconnected the Agresso fields from the product defaults, there is currently no way to have the Invoice Rule and Branch driven by the Brand / Brand Category. Due to this, projects were being created with the wrong Price Lists used, because Project managers could not see this field as it was hidden in the toggled “Advanced Agresso Settings” section of the Agresso step in the Project Wizard.



[#56785] BUG: Draft Header Information fails to save

Fix – We have fixed an issue that was occasionally preventing Draft Header from being sent successfully to Agresso for negative invoices created in DIH enabled/TS25 disabled offices.

In some cases, Pulse failed to create the draft-invoice-header-information record. This prevented the header information from being processed by the agresso-invoice-header-queue and therefore the Draft Invoice was never created in Agresso.

3. North America


[#56324] Bug – Sanofi Waiver terms don’t display to all targeted users

Fixed an issue that was causing not all users who are supposed to receive the Sanofi Waiver terms page after they log in, to see the waiver. We also fixed a typo in the waiver.