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Release Notes – RC22.0429


[#49942] Copy reference when linking entire document for Invoices

When using the “Create Linked Document” feature and linking an entire document we now copy the contents of the Reference field within the E stimate over to the Invoice’s Reference field as these are 99% of the time the same reference.

For example, when creating an Invoice from an Estimate we copy the contents of the Reference field shown below:

Screenshot of Estimates highlighting the Reference field

A user can create a new linked document by clicking the “Create linked document” option in the Options menu shown below:

Screenshot of Estimates highlighting the Create Linked Document

Then if the option is selected to link the “Entire Document”, the contents of the reference field is copied to the new invoice create.

Screenshot of the Create Finance Document modal highlighting the option to Link the Entire document


[#55509] Bug: Timesheet Amend does not process if the user is added to project in a user group

Bug – Timesheet Amendments failing for Users who have been added to a Project via a Group invitation.

Timesheet amendments can now be processed for users who have been added to a Project by either their membership of a User Group or diresclty as an individual user. Any User invited to a Project is able to submit an amendment against it. 

[#55843] Bug: New amendment records do not show up properly

Bug – When saving a Timesheet Amendment that includes time spent on additional Projects that were not included in the original submission for that week, after submitting the submission, the Amendment record would not appear on the Timesheets page when you reload the page.

The user will now see a new row added for the new time records for any additional Projects and the Amendment data.

[#55859] Bug: File upload and comment notification gets sent in cases when all notifications are disabled

Bug – Project Managers are notified despite the fact that everyone is unchecked in the Notification popup. For example, when a user uploads a file and removes all notifications in the notification popup then PM for the Project still gets notified.

If an office has the “Notify project manager..” function enabled in Address Book > Offfice> Advanced tab, then the Project Manager is automatically checked in the Notification popup – but it can be unchecked and Project managers will not receive a notification if they are removed from the notification popup.


[#55968] Disable “Void Invoice” option for offices with TS25 Credit note enabled when DIH is missing

When an invoice has been already submitted but Pulse is waiting for Agresso information (DIH number) which is critical for the correct processing of Write off or Credit note we now disable the option to “Void Invoice”.


[#55482] Bug: Bryntum Grid Frontend Issues with Invoice Composer modal

Fix – Invoice Composer modal frontend issues:

  • “Show all selected items” selects all records instead of only filtering them out. This appears only after you previously used the checkbox in the first column header to select all records
  • “Show all selected items” is bold when you load the window for the first time

[#54974] Bug: Cannot create linked PO from a non-billable PO item

Fix –  While it is possible to create a linked document from a Billable PO Estimate line, it is not possible to do that from a non-billable Estimate line. In reality, both activities need Purchase Orders issued against them.


[#55588] Remove UPD Time Code from Old payroll report

Fix – We now exclude Users who have “UPD” (A new time code in Agresso for Unpaid Time Off) as a requested time-off type from all payroll reports.


[#55682] Remove external assets linking to staging site

Removed a background image referenced in a number of places in Pulse. This is an issue as it creates a dependancy on the server hosting that image to be available and causes an extra overhead on loading external resources for an internal Pulse page.

[#55706] Bug – Task Load Double-Binding in Inbox and Task Widgets

Fix – When opening a task from the Inbox or from Task Widgets on the Homepage or Project Passport, the Task Form would load the AJAX requests for Task info and Task Notes twice (Double Binding).

[#55984] Remove NULL condition for the ttclass update tool

Removed exception in the ttclass update tool that ignores records that have ttclass=NULL and was preventing those records from being updated.

[#55841] Bug: Amendment fails to open alien time if no alien time existed on the original timesheet

Fixed issue that was causing Amendments for Alien Time to fail when no Alien time already existed on the user’s Timesheet.


[#55965] Can’t delete a Task in Gantt Chart

When deleting tasks in Gantt Chart by right-click menu, the system doesn’t respond at all due to recent changes in the Bryntum Gantt.

[#55955] Recent Project shows No Items on Havas Sydney

Recent Projects” does not show recent projects.

[#55944] Bug: Can’t upload an asset in JDE Professional

Cannot upload assets to JDE library.

[#56141] Resource Scheduler: ‘Group by’ functionality isn’t working

The ‘Group by’ functionality doesn’t allow a Resource Manager to group and multigroup items on the Resource Scheduler. Clicking on ‘Group by’ returns TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘push’). 

[#56156] TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘push’) occurs across some areas of the Resource Scheduler.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘push’) occurs across some areas of the Resource Scheduler. This error occurs during the 2 features: 

  • ‘Group by’ functionality  
  • Filters