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Release Notes – RC22.0408

1. All Regions


JDE – Specific Changes to the Asset Detail Screen[#1536]

The JDE Mine has been updated to use the new Asset Detail flyover.

When clicking on an Asset’s name in the Document Approval Screen.

Document Approval Screen -highlighting Asset Name

This will launch the updated new Asset Flyover.

To edit the Asset’s metadata click on the Asset detail tab:

Asset Detail – highlighting the Asset Detail tab

On the Asset Detail tab, click the “Edit Metadata” button:

Asset Detail – highlighting the Edit Metadata button

This will launch the Edit Asset popover:

Asset Detail – Edit Meta Data


[#55197] Slow Loading: “Recent Uploads” Dashboard Widget

Improved the loading time of the Recent Uploads widget from 1.39s to 160.07ms.

[#53297] Spike: Check Static Asset Cache settings

Decrease load times of Assets in Pulse with a cache-control public header that allows static assets to be cached more efficiently.

[#54296] Design QA: Update Pulse Components > Select to remove bold font-weight

Fix – The current design of Pulse Components > Select dropdown items has been changed to use a regular font-weight.

Removed bold styling from:

  • Select box options
  • SAYT Search Results
  • Active / Selected tags in the multi-select and single select input boxes.


[#54620] Bulk Amendment: New user not invited to project

Fix – When a bulk amendment is done on a Project on the Pulse or Agresso Role, the new User is not invited to the Project.

[#55481] Bug: Timesheet Status Report – Parent & Timesheet Error Report – Parent are showing the same data

Fix – Bug that was causing the Timesheet Status Report – Parent & Timesheet Error Report – Parent to show identical information.

[#55565] BUG: CSS/Colors are not loading properly on Pulse Planner

Fix – For the colour scheme on the Pulse Planner which was not loading correctly.

[#55569] BUG: Add pulse components CSS to dashboard.blade.php

Fix – for the PulseEditor in Portal Page editor which was broken due to a missing pulse-components.css file import.

2. UK / EU




[#55485] Master Projects do not appear in the project approval list

Fix – For the issue that was causing Master Projects to not appear in the Project Approval list. As a member of the FM Group, according to the office settings, you should receive a notification that a new project requires your approval and the Project can be found in the Project Approvals section of the Inbox.

[#55483] Bug: Bryntum Grid malfunctioning Activity column

Fix – the “Activity” column behaviour in the Invoice Composer data grid. This column uses Activity code instead of the activity description, which impacts column filtering and sorting.

3. North America



[#55528] Bug: build issue on develop

Fix – for a yarn build error that would cause builds to fail on develop branch.

[#55583] fix: remove padding 8px around value container in pulse select base

Fix – to the styling of the select component used

[#55555] upgrade pulse components to v4.1.0

Upgrade of Pulse components to the latest version.

[#55679] Add ws and wss to allowed CSP headers

Ensure the desktop edit feature does not trigger CSP errors.

[#55584] Hotfix server not configured for Agresso

Configure hotfix.app.dev.aws.pulseapi.com to work correctly with Agresso and SSO

6. Regression Bugs

[#55714] Bug: Regression Asset Detail drawer not opening

Fix – the Asset Detail flyover would not open in certain circumstances.

7. Hot Fixes

[#55727] Hotfix: Finance Documents cannot be submitted because of Activity issues

Fix – Existing finance documents (those which have been saved and revisited later) don’t load “Activity”, and always have one “Uncategorized” item contained.

[#55699] Bug: Parent Task gets a Constraint if Child Task is moved quickly – or Parent Task is dragged.

Fix – A Parent Task gets a Constraint if Child Task in the following situations:

  • A child task of the parent is moved quickly a couple of times – while previous task update is saving.
  • And/OR; The Parent Task is ‘dragged’ by a user.