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Release Notes – RC22.0311



[1526] Upgraded Pulse Agresso Timesheets Integration

Pulse-Agresso Integration

For Offices that use Unit4’s Agresso for Finances, we have vastly improved the speed and reliability of Finance data sharing between Pulse and Agresso and in particular around the processing of Timesheet Submissions from Pulse into Agresso.

The processing of Agresso Timesheet Submissions has been completely upgraded:

  • Moved all Timesheet Submission processes to use the V2 API endpoints and completely de-commissioned the v1 timesheet submission processes.
  • Timesheets submissions to Agresso are processed in a queue
  • Set up automatic reprocessing of failed timsheet submisisons
  • Systematic elimination of duplicates leading to less errors around timeouts.
  • Decoupled the processing of “auto-approved” Timesheets submissions from the regular processing of Timesheets that need to be manually Approved.
  • Improved the logging of errors by keeping a transactional record of all the Timesheet Submission requests and responses sent to Agresso so we

[#50608] Text Widget – make editable from Passport

Project Managers can now edit Text Widgets in place, instead of having to go to and open the widget editor on the Configure Widgets page.

Text Widgets are a great way for Project Managers to leave additional information on the Project Summary page such as the ‘Project Brief”, background information or specific instructions about the organisation and workflows of a Project.

To edit Text Widgets click the “pencil” edit icon in the top-left corner of the widget.

Widget- Text highlighting Edit button

Clicking the “pencil” icon opens the WYSIWYG editor within the widget.

Widget- Text highlighting Edit mode

After updating the text, press “Save”, and the text will be updated – all without leaving the page!

[#54785] FE: update of the URL to include the current Assets id when opening Asset URL in the files tab

Asset Detail – deep link highlighting URL

In the Files tab, when you click on an Asset to launch the Asset Details flyover the URL in the Browsers Address bar is updated to include the ID of the current Asset.

You can now copy the URL of an Asset and use this to create a “deeplink”.

  • Pasting the URL into a browser’s address bar will launch the Asset in the Asset Detail flyover
  • You can use this to create a hyperlink directly to Assets that will open in the Asset Detail flyout.

[#50528] FE: Add ‘Date Ranges’ option to KPI and Pie/Bar Widgets

Widget- Bar and Pie WIdget highlighting Date Range Filter Options

Added ‘Date Ranges’ option to KPI and Pie/Bar Widgets with the ability to select a custom date range in addition to the following pre-set options:

  • ‘This Week’
  • ‘Last 7 Days’
  • ‘This Month’
  • ‘Last Month’
  • ‘Last 3 Months’
  • ‘YTD’
  • ‘Last Year’

[#54717] Hide ‘Resource’ tab on Phantom Projects & Hide Phantom Projects from the RP

Phantom projects are simply shell projects to store time for users who are Working on Projects as Alien Users because they are from an Office within a different Financial Ledger. These users should not be Booked to work on these Phantom Projects – they should be Booked against the corresponding “main” Agency Project.  

The existing Resource Planner did not prevent users from being booked to work directly on Phantom Projects. This meant that the booking was not visible when the main Agency looked at Resource Booking on the Project.

To ensure that Resource Bookings are not made on Phantom Projects we now:

  1. Hide the ‘Resource’ tab on any Project that is a Phantom Project
  2. Remove any ‘Phantom Projects’ so that they cannot be selected in the old Resource Planner

[#54358] BE: Create a Filter for ‘My Stakeholder Tasks’ in the Task List AJAX route

We have created a deep link to the Task Explorer that will filter the Tasklist for Tasks Assigned to the current User that the User is also Assigned as a “Stakeholder”.

[#54811] Small changes to the Timesheet API

Updates to the Timesheet API:

1) Removed Suspended and Deleted Users from the API

2) Added a ‘last submitted’ timestamp to the API.

This is for support so they can pass this timestamp through the API to the user on when they have last submitted.


[#54487] Apply filter button should always be visible

Fix – In the new Resource Scheduler, the Apply Filter button is now in a fixed position at the bottom of the Filter panel and always visible to the user when the Filter fly-out panel is open.

[#54619] Vendor profile: Sees all tasks in result list

Fix – Global search results were returning a “preview” for “Vendor” users of Projects, Tasks and Documents for have not been enabled for Vendor Access. Whilst users could not access the content, they could see the title and sometimes a synopsis or thumbnail preview of the content.

Users with the Vendor Profile cannot access Projects, Tasks and Documents unless explicitly enabled:

  • Tasks: only tasks that are specifically marked “Vendor access”
  • Files: only files that are in a specific Vendor enabled folder or attached on a task that has been Vendor enabled.
  • Notes: only notes relevant to Tasks or Files accessible to the Vendor. as per the 2 points above

[#54762] Bug: Bulk Edit Tasks Bugs

FIX – Resolved multiple issues with Bulk Edit for Tasks:

  • Bulk Edit does not load with tasks from a project template.
  • Clicking ‘Add Note’ does not post the comment on the selected Tasks  nor Notify the Users Assigned to the Tasks of the Comment.
  • Clicking ‘Assign to task’ in a project task list does not work

[#53075] Pulse Planner Project bar showing old Project Type field

FIX – The “Project Type” field is now hidden in the Brand Planner Project Bar if the Office Setting is field “Hide Project Type” is set to “Yes”.

Address Book – Office Details – highlighting Hide Project Type

The “Project Type” field is not used by many Offices.

[#54622] Bug: Time Report: Saved but not Submitted show approval date stamp

Fix – Saved but not Submitted Timesheet records on the Time Report were displaying a “Date Approved” date and time stamp – which is not possible as these timesheets have not been submitted for approval yet and therefore not approved.

This was occurring both onscreen and in the MS Excel export.

2. UK / EU


[#1789] Accept zero value lines

For Offices that use Agresso for FInances, when there is a zero-value line on an Invoice, we now need to submit this to Agresso.

However, before we do this, we need to tell users we are now going to send zero value lines to Agresso by way of a validation modal.

This validation modal will show on:

  • ‘Approve’
  • ‘Submit for approval’

[#54829] Feature: Sending deliverable / Income Category to Agresso

To have accurate reports for Sanofi they have requested anything in the ‘ROLE/PRODUCT’ dropdown to be passed to Agresso on the invoices column.

[54626, 54625, 54624] Addresses in Finance Documents – Client ID crossover between ledgers

Improved syncing of Addresses that are included in multiple Ledgers

We have refined the way Addresses are handled when the Supplier and Client Sync is run in Agresso-linked Offices.  When the sync is run, if an entry already exists in Pulse, and the Address field has been altered in Pulse, we do not update the Address field in Pulse if there are multiple entries in the Agresso clients table. If there is only one entry in Agresso – and there is no chance Clients and Vendors are used across different Agresso Ledgers – then we update the Address to the one set in Agresso.

Always use Agresso Addresses

For Agresso-linked Offices now always use Agresso Client and Supplieraddress from the respective Agresso Ledger when creating Estimates and Invoices in the:

  1. Finance Document Builder
  2. Preview tab
  3. PDF Document

Store Supplier ID from Agresso with Purchase Orders

Supplier Agresso ID is now stored with the Purchase Orders and displayed in the dropdown next to the Supplier’s name in the “Purchase Order to” field.

Purchase Order Builder – highlighting Agresso Client ID in Purchase Order TO field


[#54793] JDE Reports: Extend JDE Reports to C2JDE office

Extend JDE-specific reports to include the new JDE Office. 

 To have access to those reports you need to be a member of the JDE REPORT ACCESS group.

3. North America


[#54482] FE: Amendment stays open after submit

Fix – When submitting a Timesheet Amendment, after clicking the submit button in Pulse Timesheets, and returning to the Timesheets Screen, the “Amend” button stayed visible for a few seconds. This meant that a User could make another submission immediately – but it would be rejected by the back-end because here is already an amendment being processed.

We now hide the Amend button when returning to the Timesheets page.


[#54818] Bug: V1 StickyNotes.php – GTM Tag missing Environment Variable

The Pulse v1 Sticky Notes Tool was not being tracked in Google Analytics due to the GTM code not being correctly configured.

Pulse Components

[#54987] fix: Create option of PulseSelectBase

Fix – Issue preventing the creation of new tags when there are no matches for that tag in the SAYIT list.

[#52823] Design: Update Menu Button Dropdown Component

We have refined the styling of the menu drop-down across Pulse.

6. Regression Bugs

[#55493] Bug: clicking on ‘Version’ freezes the screen

On Havas Extranet, when a user goes to the Versions tab of an Asset in a Project the screen will freeze and be unable to close the modal. 

[#55476] Bug: Incorrect display for ‘Advanced Option’ of a file in Document Approval.

 Incorrect layout and styling in the ‘Advanced Options’ tab of a File in Document Approvals. 

[#55474] Error: USHEALTH Master Finance Report Does Not Show Aggregate data

The cost and expense data of projects is not aggregated and represented on the Master Finance Report.

[#55394] Bug: Add Tag tool stills show “Create X” when X already exists

Add Tag to Task tool always shows ‘Create x’ even though the x tags already exist.

[#55392] Bug: Edit Menu blocks the delete confirmation in JDE Mine

Edit Menu blocks the delete confirmation in JDE Mine.

[#55322] Hot fix: Can’t select projects in Bulk Amendment

Can’t select projects in Bulk Amendment.

7. Hot Fixes

[#55366] Hot Fix: Finance Detail Report fails on export for C2JDE office

Fixed a data-related issue that was causing an error when exporting Estimates in the Finance Detail Report for a particular Office.

[#55293] Hot Fix: Design QA: Asset Detail Versions Tab > Comment Modal displaying incorrectly

Fixed issue that was causing the “Notes” modal to appear when a User clicked on the Versions tab of the Asset Detail flyout.

[#55294] Bug: View Access users can create new bookings and non-charge time in Resource Planner

Fixed an issue that allowed ‘View’ Access users to create new bookings and non-charge time, which is against the feature criteria for this type of user. ‘View’ access user can’t create or edit bookings.

[#55010] Hot Fix: Bug: Agresso sync failure for C2DREAM

Fixed validation errors in the Customer Invoice syncs.

[#55078] Migration: Insert rows into rate_card 12

Data migration adding 120+  Invoice Item Tracking codes for Rate Cards for Office.

[#55146] Hot Fix: Turn on crons for gl_transactions for DI and RV

Enable crons to sync  gl_transactions data for 2 Agresso Ledgers to populate Actual Invoices/Actual Costs graphs.

[#55322] Hot fix: Can’t select projects in Bulk Amendment

Fixed issue that was preventing the selection of Projects in the Bulk Amendment tool.

[#55384] Hot Fix: Timesheet Amend Requests not populating

Timesheet Amendments do not populate the Timesheet Amendment Requests page in certain circumstances.