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Release Notes – RC21.1224



[#53127] New Report:  “Timesheet Error Report – Parent”

It is often a time-consuming task for Project Managers to close Projects that are Child-Projects to a Parent Project because they may not have complete visibility from the parent level where time is still pending/not yet sent to Agresso.

Therefore, we have introduced a new report called ‘Timesheet Error Report – Parent’. The report is the same as the ‘Timesheet Status Report – Parent’ but excludes any successful timesheet entries.

This means it will only show Timesheet Records that need to be actioned before you can close the project.

This report is available to Project Managers & Operation users. Access the report from the Summary Actions menu.

Timesheet Error Report – Parent

[#52042] Replace various linked job blocks by unified “Associated Projects” in Project Passport

We have introduced a new Associated Projects section on the Project Passport, so a User can better understand if the current Project is related to other Projects via concepts like Parent Project, Main Job, Master Job, Campaign, Phantom Job, Finance Master etc.

This section replaces the following blocks with a new unified block:

  1. Parent / Child Projects
  2. Linked Projects
  3. Agency Project
  4. Linked Jobs
  5. Agency Job

Main Project Example

In this example, a “Main Project” is shown along with its Child projects.

  1. “Main Project” badge appears in the Project Header
  2. The Associated Project section lists Child Projects
Project Summary – highlighting associated projects for a Main Project


Child Project Example

In this example, a “Child Project” is shown along with its parent Main project.

  1. “Child Project” badge appears in the Project Header
  2. The Associated Project section lists the Child Project’s parent Main Project
Project Summary – highlighting associated projects for a Child Project


Finance Master Example

In this example, a “Finance Master Project” is shown along with its Finance Sub-Project project.

  1. “Finance Master” badge appears in the Project Header
  2. The Associated Project section lists the Finance MAster Project’s Sub-Projects
Project Summary – highlighting associated projects for a Finance Master Project

[#52228] Introduce an “OVERDUE” indicator for projects that are active but their end date is in the past

We now show a red “OVERDUE” badge in the Project header for Projects that are “Active” but past their “Project End date”.

Project Summary – highlighting overdue badge


[#46904] Fix: Show only 2 decimal points on Finance Documents and values should be right-justified

Improve the formatting of values in the estimate builder ensuring that:

  1. currency values have 2 figures after the decimal point ,
  2. currency values are right-justified so the decimals line up,
  3. quantity values are left-justified.
Estimate Builder – highlighting formatting of qty and currency

[#53052] Change Invoice-Void and Credit colour status in finance builder

Change colour code for “CREDIT” and “INVOICE-VOID” statuses in the Finance Document Builder to both be red.

Invoices – colour codes for credit and invoice-void


[#53141] Align the names of the “Timesheet Status Report” and the file that is exported

Change the filename of the MS Excel file exported by the Timesheet Status Report to  “Timesheet Status Report – Project # – Date”. This report is available from the Project > Summary Actions drop-down.


[#52778] Estimate Report to include Estimate Number

Add a new column on the MS Excel file exported from the Estimates Report called ‘Estimate Number’ which shows the Estimate Number of the Finance Document. 

The Estimates Report is available from Reports in the main navigation.

Reports – highlighting Estimates Report


The report will launch in a pop-up window. Here you can select the parameters for your report.

Estimates Report


[#53138] Access rights to the “Timesheet Status Report – Parent”

Fix – Restricted access to the “Timesheet Status Report – Parent” to Operations Users, Project Managers and Account Managers.




[#52779] Approve Own Time Override Config logic issue

Recently changes were made to the business rules for Users and the approval of their time. In cases where the ‘Can approve on time’ override was enabled, this caused a change in the visibility of the project time for Project Owners who are at the same time Supervisors.

Business Rules:

  1. Project Owner is responsible for Time Approval on Projects where they are set as the Project Owner.
    1. Unless Specified Time Approver is enabled for the office. Then it is them.
  2. Project Owner can’t approve their own time unless they have ‘Approve own time’ enabled.
  3. If ‘Approve own time’ is disabled, and they are the Project Owner on the project, the time is assigned to the user’s Supervisor to approve
  4. Supervisors are responsible for Time Approval on Non-Charge Projects
  5. An Operations user can approve any time unless it is their own time


[#53037] Bug: Hide the right-click menu from Pulse Planner

Hide the right-click menu from Pulse Planner.


[#53144] Brand Cat filter in Project list broken

Fix – In the Brand & Brand Category (Client Group) filter in the Job List users should see:

  1. Brands and Brand Categories mapped to their Primary Office if they have ‘Local Admin’ access
  2. Brands and Brand Categories mapped to their Secondary Office if they have ‘All Projects’ aka ‘Local Admin’ access
  3. Any brands mapped to them as a user (Edit User > Product Mapping).


[#50786] Design Bugs: Fix CSS issues across UI

Fix some minor CSS issues that need to be amended to bring the new Invoice Composer UI into line with existing standards.


[#51231] Hide the Files tab on Planned Projects

When trying to upload files to a planned project the upload fails and there is no feedback to the user. This is because there are no folders present in the newly created planned project.

We do not want to allow users to upload a file to a planned project because the project folders will be created for the project when the project is converted to a real project.

The fix for this was to hide the files tab on planned projects.


[#51255] Bug: KPI Label not visible when viewing task outside of tasklist

When viewing the task form from outside the Task List eg Inbox or Dashboard it was not showing the KPI icon.


[#52720] Design QA: Log Time on Task Feature

Fix the styling of the recent addition of the Log time on a task feature.


[#52774] Reword the Timesheet Status Report action to “Time requires approval”

In the Timesheet Status Report reword “Time requires approval from Project Manager” to “Time requires approval”.


2. NORTH AMERICA (US Instance)




3. EUROPE & UK (UK & EU Instance)




JDE, Bayer & Energizer Migration

The profiles of JDE, Bayer and Energizer were migrated to the EU instance of Agresso. This move, deployed on the 29th December, includes:

  • Moving all Job Builders to the new office
  • Airing country enabled in the C2 Ledger
  • Usergroups moved to the new Office
  • Naming convention for job builders enabled
  • Other miscellaneous fixes


JDE Specific Changes to the Asset Detail Screen

[#48965] JDE specific asset metadata

In the asset detail screen, if the asset belongs to the brand category JDE, we show additional metadata in the Asset Detail tab. This is the same metadata you would find against the asset in the JDE mine e.g. Media Channel, Format, Language, Business Line and Airing Country.

[#48966] JDE specific link to the asset edit

In the asset detail screen, if an asset belongs to the Brand Category JDE, we have added a button called “Edit Metadata” on the tab “Asset Detail”.

This button has the same access permissions as the “Edit Item” button in the JDE Mine. Clicking this button will load the JDE Upload/Edit form where data can be edited.






[#52790] JDE Mine: Uploaded By in Advanced Filters doesn’t allow to search full name

The “Uploaded By” field in the Advanced Filter section of the JDE Mine had several issues which have been rectified. The fix was to:

  • Allow searching full uploader name in the JDE Mine including names with spaces
  •  Allow searching uploader email address in the Uploaded by field in the JDE Mine
  • If is “author” applied multiple times, remove the previous one from the filter and apply only the last one




Timesheet Recon Report


[#50446] Implement Icon Library in the Page Manager

Expand the range of icons available in the Page Manager.


[#53845] Bug: recon report is not properly handling linked jobs

Fix issue with proper handling of linked Jobs in the Timesheet Reconciliation Report by ensuring that the report looks at submitted_jobid.


[#53967] Amendment to reconciliation report for amendments

Make amendment to reconciliation report for amendments (see the task for more detail).


[#53968] Add Timesheet Status & Agresso Status to the Timesheet Reconciliation Report

Add Timesheet Status & Agresso Status to the Timesheet Reconciliation Report.


Delinquent API


[#53192] Bug: Delinquent API showing duplicate users

When using https://havaspulse.com/v2/api/v2/delinquent_user?agresso_instance[]=US&timesheet_required=Y It was returning a lot of duplicate rows due to bad join.


[#49489] Migration of users.upn for the Timesheet API

Update users missing a upn. 




[#52681] Feature – Add the scrolling marquee to all aws dev and staging sites

Add the marquee to all staging sites so QA can see what branch the site is on.


[#53657] Turn on Estimate Data & Job Costs Sync for all US Finance Profiles

Turn on / Ensure the following 2 syncs are turned on for all Finance Profiles in the US instance.

  • =syncJobCostsData
  • =syncEstimateData


[#53760] Feature – Middleware improvements – PulseAuth and adding some packages to assist with profiling

Improve performance for PulseAuth.

  • Adding some class instance caching
  • Adding some indexes brandcategories.title
  • Refactoring some code to use hasByNonDependentSubquery and toBase


[#53886] Fix guzzlehttp error on v1 endpoints

Fix – for the error on develop branch where v1 endpoints are throwing errors complaining about the guzzle package.


[#53887] Bug: The jq for the resource planner endpoint is broken

  1. The JQ pattern in pulse repo has been updated
  2. The JQ pattern in pulse components has been updated
  3. The resource planner should be able to load the endpoints


[#53889] Create a wrapper around the jq extension to load the correct jq classes

Create a wrapper around the jq class to load the correct class if present.


6. Regression Bugs


7. Hot Fixes


 [#53877] Hot Fix: Fix duplicate staff type

To remove the duplicate staff_type and add the correct type.


[#53988] Hot Fix: PTO with TalentSpace not loading TalentSpace URL nor removing PTO requests from Quick Links or main menu

Fix – When “ENABLE TALENTSPACE FOR PTO” is selected as “YES” on the office profile, the user should not be able to see any PTO in Pulse, and should be redirected to TalentSpace to make the request.


[#53998] Hot Fix: Duplication of PTO rows causing duplication of hours into Booking and Timesheet data

Add a check to stop duplication into the talentspace_pto_imports table for processing this check will be done on the ImportXmlFromTalentSpace.php command.


[#54065] Hot Fix: Extend duplication check to submission_date and approval_date

Extend the duplication check so that it also validates against submission_date and approval_date.


[#54089] Hot Fix: Resource ID and Branch matching missing pulse_user = Y and agr_valid checks

The mapping of a user from TalentSpace to an Agresso user in Pulse is done via the resource_id + default_branch this is however missing the usual pulse_user=y and agr_valid=y checks meaning the incorrect user is being selected.



  • [#53660] Inbox PVT – Messages – View
  • [#53662] Inbox PVT – Document Approvals – View
  • [#53663] Inbox PVT – Task Explorer – View Tasks
  • [#53838] Add jest-image-snapshot to jest e2e testing