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Release Notes – RC21.0806


[#44911] Report Widgets – Improve Filter Logic

We have made some interface changes to the KPI and Bar & Pie Reporting widgets to improve their usability.

1. On the configuration page we now only show the ‘Field filter’ and ‘Field Value’ once you select the button ‘Add field filter’

Screenshot of the Report Bar And Chart widget’s configuration panel highlighting the “Add Filter” button


Report Bar And Chart configuration panel highlighting Add Filter with a filter added

2. Clicking the “Export” button will download a file with the filename “Data Export”  


Screenshot of the Report Bar And Chart highlighting the “Export” button

Please Note: You can export images or data.

To Export an image of the report, select between five different image file types (PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, PDF)

Screenshot of the Report Bar And Chart highlighting the “Image” export options


To select the data -choose between 3 different filetypes (JSON, CSV and XLSX)

Screenshot of the Report Bar And Chart highlighting the “Data” export options


[#50843] Add Approver to General Time Approval (as a column)

We have added a column showing the ‘Approver’ who should approve the time for a particular record (Project) in the General Time Approval.

Screenshot of the General Time Report highlighting Approver Column


This is especially helpful for you if you are a Timesheet Approver who has Multi-Office access or access to “All Projects in your local office” because you can now see which Projects you are the approver for.  This removes the chance that you approve time on jobs where they are not the Project Owner when bulk approving time.


[#42474] Sticky Note Zoom – Improve Zoom Resolution

We have improved the zoom resolution in the Sticky Notes tool. Previously, when you zoomed into an image it could become quite blurry. You can now zoom in to pixel-level detail.

Screenshot of Sticky Notes showing an image zoomed to a high level of magnification



[#50000] Bug: Video preview in the files tab not using the same version as the mine

We updated the Video File Preview technology to the same version as we use in the Asset Library. The new version allows users to comment on videos using the Storyboard.

Screenshot of the Video Preview tool



[#50329] USHEALTH Master Finance Report throwing an error

Fix – The Master Finance Report was throwing an error ‘There was an error retrieving the selected data. Please try again.

Screenshot of the Master Finance Report


[#51309] Asset Detail ‘File Actions’ button options – Bugs

Fixes for the File Action button in the Asset Detail Screen:  

1. The ORDER of the options should be:

  • Open File
  • Download File
  • Go to Folder
  • Set as Key Document
Screenshot of the Asset Detail popover highlighting ‘File Action’ options


2. We have fixed the ‘Key Document’ icon in the Asset Details screen which had stopped working

Screenshot of the Asset Detail popover highlighting File Action button


[#51288] Bug: Create Project button not working on new Job List

Fix – Alpha Testing of the new Project list continues.  Job List the ‘Create Project’ button should trigger the Project Wizard.