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Release Notes – RC21.0709


[#46025] Update the ‘Key Document’ feature to differentiate Key Document for Tasks

At Pulse HQ we use Pulse to manage our Projects and one of the features we thought would be useful is to be able to differentiate between an important Document of a Task (for example a screenshot) vs an important Document of a Project (for example the business requirements of the overall project).

The solution for this is to introduce the concept of ‘Pinned Documents’ – which are attached to Tasks – in addition to the existing ‘Key Documents’ which are attached to Projects.

A Document can be both a Pinned Document and A Key Document at once – for example, a business requirements document might be a “Pinned Document” on the scoping Task which generated the document, and a “Key Document” to the whole project.

You will be able to select either or both in the thumbnail hover:

Screenshot of the Task Editor showing the hover pop-over on a Key Document highlighting the options to 1) Remove Key Document or 2) PIN to Task

Key Documents and Pinned Documents appear in 2 distinct areas beneath the task description:

Screenshot of the Task Editor showing the hover pop-over on a Key Document highlighting the options to 1) Remove Key Document or 2) PIN to Task

If you use our Project Dashboard widgets it means the Project Key Document widget will only show documents marked as key documents deemed important for the Project instead of all starred documents.

Screenshot of the Project Dashboard highlighting the “Project Key Documents” widget

[49923] Creating Linked Financial Documents

We have made it easier to create linked Financial Documents in Pulse.

Click ‘New PO’ or ‘New Invoice’ on the Finance tab of a Project:

Screenshot of the Finance Dashboard highlighting the1) “New PO” and 2) “New Invoice” buttons

You will be given the option of creating a ‘Blank PO / Blank Invoice’ or ‘From Estimate’:

Screenshot of the “Create New PO” modal highlighting the button 1) “Blank PO” and 2) “From an Estimate” buttons

Clicking a ‘Blank PO / Blank Invoice’ opens the normal blank PO/Invoice builder.

Screenshot of the “Invoice Builder”

Clicking ‘From Estimate’ shows you a list of Estimates from the project:

Screenshot of the “Create New PO” modal highlighting the “Select an Estimate” list

Here you can select which estimate you want to base your new PO / Invoice on.

The logic of this feature is based on the same rules as if you selected ‘Create Linked Document’ on the Estimate.

Screenshot of the Estimate Builder highlighting the “Create linked Document” option

[#50129] Move KPI Button on Task form to Header

Now that the ‘Watch task’ has been moved into the Task Notification modal we have moved the ‘Watch task’ into the ‘Advanced Options’ and prioritised the ‘Key Task’.

Screenshot of the Advanced Options of the Task Editor highlighting 1) The Key Task Toggle button and the 2) Watch Task toggle checkbox

This means it is easier for you to mark a task as a key ‘milestone’ for project delivery. Use our Project Dashboard widgets to track Key Tasks of a Project directly on the Dashboard.

Screenshot of the Project Dashboard highlighting the Key Task widget area

[#50346] Update how Rounding is done on the financial builders

We have updated the rounding on the Finance Document builder to show 2 decimal points instead of 3. This is consistent with the rounding in the PDF which is to 2 decimal points.

[#50437] Asset Detail ‘File Actions’ button options

Update the File Actions button in the Asset Detail screen to include options to:

  1. Open File (Into new window)
  2. Download File
  3. Go to Folder (in the files tab)
  4. Set as ‘Key Document’
Screenshot of the Asset Detail area highlighting 1)Open File, 2)Download File, 3)Go to Folder and 4)Set as ‘Key Document’

[#50842] Add Filter for User Department to the Task Explorer (and URL)

We have added a “User Department” filter into the Task Explorer and Project Task List. This will allow a Project Manager to create a dashboard to track the delivery of Tasks as they move from one department to another.

Screenshot of the Task Explorer highlighting “User Department” filter

[#50851] Add ‘User Office ID’ to the database for reporting widgets

We have added the ability to Group By user’s Primary Office for the reporting widgets. This addition greatly improves our reporting for users. It allows the user to filter based on the User’s Office ID rather in addition to the current options such as Job ID, User ID, Job Office ID, etc. 

[#51160] Styling issues for the Max Weekly Timesheet Hours

We have fixed several styling issues found on the ‘max timesheet alert’ around the margins, modal header height and padding around the exclamation point.

[#50951] FE: Add rollover to the buttons in the list of Ratecards – Edit Settings – Copy Ratecard

As part of the alpha testing of the Pulse Rate Card System, we have added a rollover tooltip to the action buttons in the rate card admin tool.

Screenshot of the Ratecard Admin tool highlighting the tooltip over “Edit Ratecard Setting” button

[#50955] BE: Clone items should copy recursively of all the items/items/groups

As part of the alpha testing of the Pulse Rate Card System, we have determined that the ‘Duplicate Ratecard’ button should also duplicate the items/groups/types associated with the Ratecard that was chosen to ‘duplicate’.

Currency & rate cards in the project wzard

  • [51084] FE: Hide currency field from project wizard if pulse ratecard is detected

If the user has selected a Ratecard in the Project Wizard we will hide the currency dropdown and instead use the currency of the selected Ratecard.

In the Edit Project settings, this field will be set to read-only and will not be editable to users.


[#47842] Bug: Product Defaults: UI says “Client/Brand Defaults have been removed” on product change

Fix – When a user had “Set Pulse Configuration Defaults” to “NO” and then selected a Brand in order to set up Brand level defaults for the Project Wizard, they were shown an incorrect error message “Client/Brand Defaults have been removed”.

The message was misleading because nothing was being deleted and nothing was set up which is confusing to the user.

This message is only shown if the user changes “Set Pulse Configuration Defaults” from “YES” to “NO”.

[#50091] Bug: Unable to Upload Key Document using the “Key Document Upload” widget in the Project Summary/Passport

Fix – We have fixed an issue affecting the  Key Document widget which did not automatically mark a document when uploaded using the dashboard widget shortcut.


[#50534] Bug: Asset Detail takes more than 20 seconds to load in Tasks tab

Fix – We have improved the load time of the Asset Detail screen which could take up to 20 minutes to load.

[#50605] Update: Rollover is a bit annoying

Fix – User feedback indicated that the rollover gets in the way when using the Pulse Planner in certain circumstances. Based on this feedback we have updated the rollover behaviour to:

  1. Only show the name of the project
  2. Show the date across the top
  3. Always show a horizontal scroller at bottom

[#50653] Bug: Layout  Issues with the “default” display of task widget on Dashboard

Fix – We have fixed some display issues affecting the Task widget on the Home Dashboard when selecting the “default” layout option.

[#50846] Add Date Headers in Weekly Time Approval

Fix – We have fixed the missing date headers in the weekly time approval report.

[#51071] Two loading spinners on Project Tasklist

Fix – We have fixed the duplicate loading spinner when opening the Tasklist.

[#51086] FE: Remove certain finance graphs from project view

Alpha Testing Fix – As part of the alpha testing of the Pulse Rate Card System, it became apparent that some of the finance graphs do not work with the new Rate Card System. 

If an Office is Pulse-only Office, we  now  hide the following graphs from the Finance Dashboard:


[#51083] FE: Remove ‘Choose Ratecard’ field from project wizard

Alpha Testing Fix – We have determined that, when there is no Pulse Rate Card, we will not display the CHOOSE RATECARD field on the Project Wizard. We will only display this field if there are two or more Pulse Rate Cards to choose from for the Agency or Brand selected.

[#50852] BUG: Pagination of forms tab on project does not work

Fix – We have fixed the pagination on the Forms tab which did not go to the next page when clicked.

[#51065] Bug: Public link not working in Asset Details Screen

Fix – We have fixed the Public link modal which was not working in Asset Details screen.

[#50953] FE: adjust ratecard data table column width

Alpha Testing Fix – We have made the columns smaller on the Ratecard admin tool.

[#50954] FE: Remove the column from Ratecard List ‘Default:Standard’

Alpha Testing Fix – We have removed the column from Ratecard List ‘Default: Standard’.

[#50950] BE: Change titles for BrandCat/Brand/Office/Network to be as follows: BRAND CATEGORY MAPPING: BRAND MAPPING: OFFICE MAPPING: NETWORK MAPPING:

Alpha Testing Fix – We have changed the titles of the table headings in the Ratecard admin tool.

[#49944] Bug/Feature: Rollup – Update Edit Functions

Fixes for the roll-up report UI and an update to permissions:

  1. We have disabled drag-and-drop,
  2. We have enabled the ability to ‘edit’ Project dates in the Edit form for users who have access.

[#50211] Fix: Job Builder form not attaching to task 

Fix – The PDF generated to display the results of the Job Builder was not being attached to the Task in the Project when this feature is enabled.

Did you know you can use ‘Job Builders’ as a way of posing a set of questions you would like answered to start a new task? For example, if you were a production company you could ask users to fill in a ‘Form’ with a set of standard questions you would need to start the task or raise an estimate.

These questions could be:

  1. What is the advert for?
  2. What size is the banner?
  3. Is this an amendment to an existing design?

Once the users have completed the ‘form’ or ‘job builder’ this would create a Task in a new or existing Project and would attach a PDF document of all the answered questions to the task.

If this is something that would be useful to you, please contact your Pulse Customer Success Manager.


[#50488] Show the Agresso AM Field on Project Info (Agresso Offices)

We have added a new field onto the Project Dashboard to show the Agresso Account Manager for a Project.

This field will only show on Agresso linked projects in the US & Canada.

[#50850] New Waiver for all HHY Employees who work on Sanofi business

An amendment to the Sanofi waiver that was developed last deployment. The Sanofi Waiver will now first check to see if the user is on at least 1 active Sanofi-linked project before the waiver is shown.

Once the waiver is accepted, it will not show again.


[#50384] Bug: JDE Mine: A maximum of 100000 records are exported

Fix – We have removed the maximum output parameter from the JDE export to allow all records to be exported if they exceed 100000.