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As we move towards supporting Alien User technology between regions, we need to standardise Timesheet submission and processing to a Daily Schedule – instead of Weekly.

This code update allows existing Agresso Weekly Timesheet Users to transition to Daily Timesheets.

The code itself does not force the change to Daily Timesheets. It will be up to the Agresso Team to configure and manage the transition for each Office, when they are ready to do so.

The code update includes a setting for each Office to define the date the Office will move onto Daily Timesheets.

Important Business Rules associated to this code change:

  • Before The Daily Timesheet Switch Date:
    • Users will not be able to save or submit Timesheets on a date after the Daily Timesheet Switch Date.
    • Timesheets are treated as weekly.
    • Agencies must use V1 for timesheet amendments.
  • After The Daily Timesheet Switch Date
    • Users will not be able to save or submit Timesheets before the Daily Timesheet Switch Date.
    • Timesheets are now treated as Daily Timesheets.
  • Timesheet Amendments
    • Agencies must use the existing V1 tool for any Weekly Timesheet Submissions.
    • Agencies must use the new V2 Timesheet Amendment Tool for Daily Timesheets Submissions

Austroads Feature Updates [1599]

This change is for Phase 1 of the Austroads Upgrade Project, and only applies to Austroads instance. The features covered in Phase 1 include:

  • Auto-generation of Job Number (‘Jobcode’) based on Brand and Brand Cat (‘Program’)
  • Adding several new custom fields in the Project Wizard required for EPMO reporting:
    • Residual Risk Rating
    • Business Unit
    • Tier
    • Stage Gate
    • Focus Area
    • Objective
    • Reason for Cost Variation
    • % Complete
  • Generating a new custom EPMO report that will include all the newly added custom fields in addition to the PV (Planned Value) ad AC (Actual Cost) based on the Budget and invoice data related to each milestone of the project on the date of Report generation


[#62463] PW: Move Invoice rule and branch to un-toggled

Move “Invoice Rule / Price List” and “Branch” fields from the toggled section if the selected office is in Havas Lynx Group network.

[#62424] Change Timesheet logic ‘In Review’ status

Changed the behavior of projects which are ‘In review’ in Timesheets. The timesheet input field is currently disabled when a project is ‘In review’ status, despite the fact that Timesheet Status is still ‘Active’.

Update the logic on Timesheets to allow users to save and submit time on projects that are ‘in review’ or ‘active’ as long as the other timesheet rules apply.


[#62681] UPDATE: Timesheet Dates BEHAVIOUR

In the new Time Report the ‘Timesheet Date’ is offset by 1 day for users in the US.

[#62816] Unsafe characters causing pdf preview to fail in asset preview

Remove unsafe characters from file name for signed urls sent to aws to preview asset preview fails.

[#62609] UPDATE: Font size of ‘Name’ column got smaller when applied filter in Departments/Offices/Roles views.

Fixed an issue where the font size of ‘Name’ column got smaller when applying a filter in Departments/Offices/Roles views in the new Resource Scheduler.

[#62660] UPDATE: Agresso Inter-Company Failure

The inter-company process is started when a user records time for a project that isn’t in their main system. If the project hasn’t been sent to Agresso in the user’s primary ledger before, the inter-company (IC) process is activated.

However, there’s an issue. The ImportService class (version 1) is initiated based on the first time entry it finds, and it sets a ‘company’ value for that entry’s ledger. This ‘company’ value remains unchanged throughout the processing loop, causing a problem.

Fix is to modify the process to enable the passing each different ledger to the import service.


[#62857] Clean code in Pulse Component

Issue: In Pulse Component, there are many warnings because missing type in ts files or defined variables but never used

Solution: Remove unused variables and define type for all missing variables

 [#62029] FE: Improving the speed of FE build\

Improving the speed of FE build when deploying.