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Project Workflow

Pulse is built around a standard project workflow.

The workflow is delivered via a Project Template, which holds the required Tasks, Milestones, KPI’s, Finance Rules, Documentation and Approval Rules you need for effective project delivery.

The Project Template can be customised to your needs, and you can have multiple templates to support multiple Project Types.

Example Pulse Project Workflow

  1. A New Project is opened using Project Briefing Form
  2. The new project is created from a Project Template.
  3. If necessary, a Financial Estimate & Proposal can be created for the work, and sent to the customer for approval.
  4. To manage the project, Tasks & Documents are shared and updated via the Online Review & Approval tools.
  5. Notifications are automatically sent to the Project Team when there are changes or approvals.
  6. Users working on the Project submit Timesheets to record how much effort has been utilised to deliver the Project.
  7. Reporting Tools make it easy to track the progress & completion of the project.
  8. When the Project is completed, the Finance team raise invoices according to the Project settings (Time or Estimate billing).