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Feature Training Modules

Learn about Specific Features in Pulse, to become a Pulse Champion.

Pulse Reviews

Learn how to use Pulse Reviews for Online Document Review and Document Approvals with automated document review workflow.

Wiki Pages

Learn how to use Wiki Pages to provide a collaborative space for sharing knowledge related to a Project.

Pulse Gantt Chart

This module explains how to use Pulse’s powerful interactive Gantt Chart, to help you plan your Project Schedule using Tasks.

Address Book & User Security

Learn how to manage the Address Book, to manage all aspects of Offies, Users, Brands and Security in Pulse.

Timesheet Administration

Learn how to manage the Timesheet System. From Review and Approval of Timesheets through to Workflow Automation and Reporting.

Project Wizard

This module will explain how to create a Project in Pulse, how to assign users and customise your project.

Job Builder

Learn how to setup and use Job Builder to create Projects in Pulse using Custom Forms and Validations.

Alien User – Timesheets

Learn how to use the Alien User workflow to Share & Billable Resources between Offices.

Project Templates

Learn how to create and use re-usable Project Templates, so you can have a repeatable and reliable Project Workflow for your business.

Finance Tools

Learn about Pulse’s native Finance Management tools and its Integration with third party Financial accounting software.

Requesting Time Off in TalentSpace

This Module explains how to Request and Manage Paid Time Off in offices that use Pulse integrated with TalentSpace for PTO.

Pulse Planner

Learn how to create an interactive Project Schedule, showing timings for Real and Planned Projects.