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Resource Planner

The Pulse Resource Planner is an integrated tool which allows you to Book Users as Resources against projects. No plug-ins or API connections are required. The Pulse Resource Planner is directly integrated into the system.

This feature gives your business the power to plan your team resources ahead of time and make sure you have the right people available at the right time.

Resource Planner Features

1. Book Users to Projects

The main function of the Pulse Resource Planner is to allow Project Managers and Resource Managers to book users to Projects, to allow the planning and tracking of Resources over time.

Useful productivity features include:

  • Group Users by Role & Department
  • Automatic integration with Timesheets & User Roles/Activities
  • Power Search & Filters for Users, Offices, Projects, Roles
  • Bulk-Manage tools to quickly update multiple bookings


2. Resource Bookings linked to Projects & Finances

The direct integration of the Resource Planner to the Project Management Tools gives you streamlined visibility of:

  1. Projects that require bookings
  2. Calculation of Forecast of Resource Bookings against Projects
  3. Project Teams

3. Resource Bookings linked to Timesheets

The direct integration of the Resource Planner to the Timesheet & PTO system makes life easy for your team with::

  1. Automatic suggestions for Timesheet Entries
  2. Automatic display of Holidays and PTO (Paid Time Off)
  3. Automatic Default options for Resource Booking Activity Types