Release Notes – RC21.0122

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Design update to the Finance Document PDF We’re excited to have a new update for the Finance documents PDF printout design! This has given us the chance to create a more streamlined layout that increases the readability of the document and uses an improved clean and… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.1204

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Asset Detail Screen Update The update of the Asset Detail sees the first addition of new enhancements to the Pulse UI that will be rolled out in the months to come. The team has been striving to improve the user experience and this showcases some of… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.1120

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Show Parent Tasks in the Task Explorer Parent Tasks do not show up in the Task Explorer which gave the impression of ‘missing’ tasks. To solve this issue, we have added a filter named “Include Parent Tasks”  to the ‘More Option’ filters section which allows you… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.1106

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Office Level default values for Agresso finances The UK and EU instance of Pulse-Agresso use Finances in Pulse. As a result, on creation of a project there are additional fields you need to populate before a project can be approved. For example: Is there a PO… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.1023

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS You now have the option to select ‘and’ or ‘or’ logic when filtering the Task list by Tags Do you use the Task List to manage user’s workload? Do you use Tags to classify Tasks? Have you ever wished you could do an ‘and’ on tag… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.1009

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Automatically set Timesheet Start Date for non-Agresso users The Timesheet Reminder tool uses a User’s ‘Timesheet Start Date’ to calculate when to start checking compliancy. For Agresso linked Users, this information all comes from Agresso, however, non-Agresso users need to set this field manually. Going forward, any… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.0925

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Add Comment Box for Categories on Estimates and Invoices We have added a Comment box under each Category in Estimates and Invoices. This is a legal requirement in Germany where any comments after the Grand Total figure are treated as non-legally binding. Therefore, they need all… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.0911

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Show how many times an Asset or File has been downloaded We have updated the meta data of our Assets to include a download count. The download count will show in both the Files Tab and in the Asset Library. Screenshot of the Files tab highlighting… Read More

Release Notes 9 Sept 2020 – RC20.0828

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS You can now close a Job and block Timesheet Submissions after the “Project End Date” has passed Project Amendments can now be used to close a Job and block timesheet submissions even after the “Project End Date” stored in Agresso has passed. Previously, the Project End… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.0814

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Updated WYSIWYG editor for Wiki Pages and Comments We have updated the WYSIWYG editor used for editing Wiki pages and Wiki Comments in the Wiki tab of Projects from CKEditor to TinyMCE. This WYSIWG editor is similar to the previous one but provides better formatting options. Read More

Release Notes 13 Aug 2020 – RC20.0731

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS You can now Reply to Sticky Notes We have added the ability to Add Comment “replies” to Notes in our Sticky Notes feature. Sticky Notes can be edited or deleted by their author, while Comment Replies cannot be edited but can be deleted by anyone with… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.0717

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS New WYSIWYG editor for task descriptions and comments We have changed the WYSIWYG editor in the Task Description and Task Comments from CKEditor to TinyMCE. This WYSIWG editor is similar to the previous one but provides better formatting options. Ability to Export Sticky Notes This feature… Read More

Release Notes – RC20.0703

FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS Offices (aka Agencies) can now set their ‘Default Currency’ We have added a new field into the Office Settings to store the ‘Default Currency’ of an Office (aka Agency). This feature is predominantly for Non-Agresso Offices who will use this as the default  ‘currency’ when creating… Read More