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Release Notes – RC22.1014



Brands API

We have made extensive changes to the Brands API – including the introduction of flexible Brand Attributes and the creation of a new 3rd level in the Brand hierarchy called “Product”.

Reviews & Proofing

We are excited to inform you the new Reviews and Proofing Tool is being soft-launched on the 8th of November. Over the next few months, we will be testing it with a few select offices. Please contact your CS representative to find out more information on the rollout plan.
To learn how to use Pulse Reviews for Online Document Review and Document Approvals with automated document review workflow visit the Pulse Academy.


[#57646] Finance Report: Add Job Attributes to the Export

For Agencies that utilize Job Attributes, we have added Pulse Job Attributes to the export of the new Finance Reports:

  • Finance Summary Report
  • Finance Detail Report

The exact Job Attributes that are shown in the export will depend on the mapped attributes in a Project’s Settings.